Nickel Nitrate


nickel plating and brown ceramic colors, manufacturing other nickel salts and in catalysts. anodize coatings; textile dyeing mordant

Assay (%w/w) 98.0 Min
Solution 10% aqueous Should be Clear
pH of 5% Solution ( In Carbon Dioxide-free water) Not less than 3.5
Limits Of Impurities(Max.)
Insoluble matter (%w/w) 0.003
Sulphate (SO4) (%w/w) 0.005
Chloride (Cl) (%w/w) 0.001
Cadmium (Cd) (% w/w) 0.001
Calcium (Ca) (%w/w) 0.005
Zinc (Zn) (%w/w) 0.0015
Iron (Fe) (%w/w) 0.0005
Lead (Pb) (%w/w) 0.002
Potassium (K) (%w/w) 0.005
Sodium (Na) (%w/w) 0.005